Monstrous Naturae


May 15, 2015

Digital, Motion Graphics, Packaging, Print
About This Project

Monstrous Naturae—Del Toro Film Festival

The Integrated Communications project goal was to design a film festival for a chosen director. By identifying a common thread that tied into a set of their representative movies, we had to conceptualize the aesthetics to bring to life the festival through a series of deliverables, part of a system that captured the soul of the film festival.

The Monstrous Naturae Film Festival celebrates the works of Guillermo del Toro, his view of human brutality and his fantastic creatures. In his movies, Guillermo del Toro contrasts fantastic worlds filled with monstrous creatures that coexist parallel to human reality. I found as a common thread how he recognizes brutality and greed through his human characters and uses monsters to display noble values.